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Hire an experienced, certified Story Grid editor to take your draft to a professional level.


Meet Anne Hawley

I’m one of only 19 Certified Story Grid Editors in the world. I trained in Story Grid developmental editing under Shawn Coyne, and have been using the technique since 2015 to help novelists and screenwriters improve their stories.

Like my clients, I’m a writer. I know how it feels to get criticism: to expose my inmost thoughts to an outsider, and reel from careless feedback. I know how it feels to seek professional editing and get hazy, subjective comments that I didn’t know how to act on, and that didn’t result in improvement in my work. It’s my goal as your developmental and diagnostic editor to give you:

  • feedback that is substantive and objective.

  • clear next steps for measurable improvement.

  • a roadmap to a stronger, more compelling story, whatever your genre and style.

Stories are fundamental to being human. Stories change people. Your stories are worth the time and care it takes to make them good.

Write better stories. Change the world. 

Rachelle Ramirez

Meet rachelle Ramirez

I help writers develop their stories and believe stories are our most important catalyst for change. I have an MA in psychology from Goddard College and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Masters in Creative Writing Program on merit scholarship.

Before becoming a Certified Story Grid Editor, I served as a mental health counselor and as the executive director of a national writing community.

I have edited award-winning fiction of some amazing authors but my favorite work is with first-time novelists and memoir writers.

I’m currently on contract writing a Story Grid guide and blogging for the Story Grid. My forthcoming memoir is White Grrrl, Black Sheep. You can learn more about me at rachelleramirez.com