Two Podcasts Writers Shouldn't Miss

By Sue Campbell

Here’s some summer listening that that will enrich your writing life…and happens to features a few of the women from Pages & Platforms.

1. Sue's on the Book Launch Show!

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I'm sharing this one first, since there's a time sensitive element. Tim Grahl is on vacation, so I was lucky enough to sit down with Valerie Francis to record a bonus episode. If you're not a regular listener, you should be. The Book Launch Show is packed with valuable marketing nuggets as Tim guides writer Valerie Francis through the Connection System to help improve her book marketing. Here are just some of the things Valerie and I talk about in this episode: 

  • Using Tim’s connection system and organizing tasks in the right buckets.

  • Permission assets to consider: the writer’s website, signup incentives and email. 

  • What the bare bones of your website entail.

  • Why blogging is not something every writer should do and what to save your content for.

  • The type of questions to ask a book launch coach before starting off.

  • Why Sue’s group coaching is a more viable and beneficial option for many writers. (This is the time sensitive bit. The new group coaching cohort starts on July 13, grab your spot now before Tim's audience gets in before you!)

  • Practical advice for writers who are pressed for time and how coaches can help them.

  • And much more!


2. Anne's on the Story Grid podcast for the 10-week Masterwork Experiment!

SG podcast.png

Our own Anne Hawley is also stepping in for Tim Grahl, this time for his slot on the Story Grid podcast. Shawn Coyne, an editor with over 25 years experience and author ofStory Grid: What Good Editors Know, has tasked Anne with analyzing the masterfulBrokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx and then reimagining it and writing her own story set in the Regency era. The knowledge you can glean from this experiment is MIND BOGGLING. We highly encourage you to listen along. Shawn and Anne are already four episode in, so start now with episode one and follow along.


You can go even deeper by reading about Anne's experience on her blog. And she'll be posting scenes from her work in progress.

Sue Campbell