do you struggle to get your work done?

And by work, we mean the important work of writing AND the marketing it takes to get that writing out into the world.


at pages & platforms, we’re all about helping writers get it done!

And if you’re like most of our clients, you could use a support system of people who understand the unique struggles authors face.

You need people who can help you bust through RESISTANCE, do the work, and find an audience for that work.

That’s why we’re creating the Pages & Platforms Mindset Group (PPMG).

It’s a monthly subscription that will help you set writing and marketing goals and actually reach them.

It’s basically life coaching—specifically for authors.

What would it mean for your life to finish your book and help it find its way to readers? It’s time to find out.

how it works

Writers get access to a private Slack channel where we’ll provide mindset help, goal setting support and serious accountability for delivering your work. There will be tough love aplenty.

When you join:

  • You’ll watch a series of mindset videos designed to get your head on straight and start taking action toward your goals.

  • You’ll get a 30-minute initial private call to discuss your goals and current mindset.

  • You’ll be asked to set a “wildly improbable goal” and then we’ll help you make a series of sub-goals to get you there.

  • You’ll be given a list of resources and bonus materials that will help you dive further into a successful author mindset.

Every month:

  • At the start of the month, you’ll get guidance on setting a monthly goal that’s aligned with your “wildly improbable goal.”

  • At the end of the month, you’ll report your success or reassess what went wrong if you didn’t reach your goal.

  • If you meet your goal, we’ll send you back part of your subscription fee in gift card form!

Every week:

  • You’ll be asked to set micro goals at the start of the week, provide a status update mid-week and report your success at the end of the week.

  • We’ll have a weekly call where we’ll answer your questions/issues and share some mindset strategies to keep you going or get you unstuck. If you have to miss the call, you can submit questions/issues ahead of time and watch the recording later.

  • Chime in on Slack anytime you need some encouragement, help clearing obstacles, or a boot in your butt.

what it’s not

This group will not give you specific editing or book marketing advice (we offer those services separately if you need them!), but rather foster a group coaching environment for writers who are serious about their work and are willing to adopt the mindset necessary to build a career.

we’ll ask you to leave if you’re not cutting it

We want to bring in writers who are truly serious about achieving their goals and willing to be coached on their mindset to get there. If you’re not reaching your goals for three consecutive months, you’ll be asked to leave the group and invited to rejoin after 12 months.


Introductory pricing will be $60/month and that price will be guaranteed for two years for inaugural members with no break in membership.

That’s just $15 a week for real support so you can finally start reaching your goals!

launch date

TBD late 2019 or early 2020.