Group Coaching for Book Marketing

Photo by scyther5/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by scyther5/iStock / Getty Images

For most authors, book marketing is a downright scary proposition. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a little help, you can build a solid book marketing strategy and go forward knowing exactly what you need to do to get your book into the hands of more readers.

Group coaching is affordable alternative to private coaching that offers professional guidance and group support to market your book and yourself as an author.

Pages & Platforms is offering two new group coaching cohorts starting October 12, 2019

Choose the program that matches your career stage:

Build Your Author Platform

If you’re new to the whole concept for book marketing, or your efforts have been dormant for awhile, you’re a good fit for the 101-level content in the Build Your Author Platform group coaching.

Outreach Intensive

If you’ve already got a website and mailing list up and running and you’re ready to get serious about growing it, you’re a perfect candidate for the Outreach Intensive. We’ll go deep into influencer outreach so you can leverage influencer platforms to grow your own.