Exciting new programs and dates coming at you!

By Sue Campbell

We've got some CRAZY exciting stuff coming your way in the next several months that we're excited to share with you...

Let's do this in chronological order, shall we? (Because I couldn't possibly choose a favorite.)

First up, if you're in the Portland area and plan to be at theWillamette Writer's Conference the first weekend in August, stop by and say hi. We'll have a table and can't wait to meet a whole new slew of writers.

Starting next week (or the week after, maybe), we'll be launching aFREE mini-course on author mindset.Because, honestly, if we as authors don't get our mindset right, we're not going to finish our books and we're certainly not going to do our marketing. I'm offering tools to break through your Resistance and clear those mental blocks. I can't wait! More details soon.

Next, I've gotten several inquiries from subscribers about when I'll be offering my next round of Group Coaching to Build Your Author Platform.The good news is I resolved all my fall scheduling issues and was able to book a new session. The new cohort will start on October 12 and run through November 23. We'll meet every Saturday via web conference. This program is great for those of you who've been ignoring marketing and really need to get the ball rolling. We'll cover the entire Connection System I use for marketing and I'll give you homework so you'll be building your platform as we go along. Details here.

AND, I'm going to be offering aNEWgroup coaching program for those of you who already have some type of platform in place (a website and small email list) but need to concentrate on growing your audience. I'm calling it my Group Coaching Outreach Intensive. We'll spend seven weeks breaking through your mind blocks about outreach and getting you the type of exposure you need to grow your audience. If you've taken my other group program, you can get this in program for HALF OFF the regular price, so you can take your work in that program further for less! Details here.

Anne and Rachelle are working on putting together some free content on GENRE, because it's way more important than most writers think it is and we want to get the word out so you can write a better book. More details soon on that, too. It will probably drop sometime in the fall. Details to come.

And looking into 2020, we're offering our From Writer to Author Weekend Intensive from January 31 - February 2. We had to reschedule this intensive due to a bunch of travel and schedule issues on our team, but that's great news for you because while we were re-configuring, we found a way to make it more affordable! (But the early bird pricing is only for a limited time, so check your calendar now to see if you can make it.) We can't wait to spend a weekend in a super cozy vintage library helping writers figure out how to take their writing and their careers to the next level. Detail here.

Whew. I am so excited just thinking about all of this good stuff. I can't wait to dig in.


Sue Campbell