A Peek Inside Our Group Coaching Program

By Sue Campbell

Hey, everyone. It's Sue Campbell, your book launch coach. I am very excited because on Saturday, October 12, 2019, we are starting the next session of our group coaching program to build your author platform.

If you feel at a loss about how to market your book, or just unmotivated to do it—this program is for you.

We’ll spend eight weeks finding the right audience and setting it up so you’ll be able to reach that audience and sell more books whenever you want.

The program consists of seven group coaching sessions plus one private coaching session with me, Sue Campbell, a book marketing coach who’s worked with nonfiction authors like KJ Dell’Antonia (How to Be a Happier Parent) and fiction authors like Kevin Sands (The Blackthorn Key series).

Here’s a look at what we’ll cover in each session to help you figure out if this is the right program for you right now.

Throughout the program I'll be assigning homework, so you will be building out not just your marketing strategy, but your platform itself as we go. Every session has plenty of time for questions and answers. And, of course, every session will be recorded, so if you miss one, you can watch it later.

Session 1: Connection System overview
In our first session I'm going to give you big picture. We're going to talk about the strategy that I use for building your author platform and selling more books. It is a methodology that is proven. It's developed by a guy named Tim Grahl, from Booklaunch.com, who has launched many bestselling books and personally trained me as a book launch coach. It’s called the Connection System.

In addition to that, we'll talk about some all important mindset things that you need to get a handle on when you're doing this work if you want to be successful. Mindset is a big deal.  (So much so that I created a free mindset mini-course so authors can get their minds right.)

And we'll talk about how you actually get all this done—how you can fit marketing into your life and still have time for writing. I have a couple of special tools that we can use to look at that, and that will let me know who you are as a person and how you get things done, so I can support you better.

Session 2: Setting up an email list
In our second session, we're going to talking about one aspect of the Connection System. It's really all about building your email list and how to do it well, and not have it eat up large chunks of your life. I’ll tell you how to get set up to welcome your audience—both the technical pieces that you need to have in place and the content pieces.

Session 3: Influencer research
In session three, we're going to shift to talking about outreach and influencers. You'll learn how to find an audience that's already built and then invite that audience over to you and your email list. We'll talk about how to find the right influencers (it involves knowing who your ideal readers are) and I’ll show you how to do the research. (Note: If you’ve already got a website and mailing list and just want to grow the heck out of it, check out my Outreach Intensive instead of this program.)

Session 4: Pitching to influencers
In session four, we're going to continue talking about influencers. Now that we have some candidates, I’ll talk about how to find the right ask. I’ll tell you how to pitch someone in a way that is not icky. We don't want it to be icky for you and we don't want it to be icky for the influencer. This is all about building long-lasting relationships and connections. I'll even give you a recipe you can use to make your own, customized pitch.

Session 5: Your content plan
In session five we're going to talk about content. Simply put, content is anything you put out into the world that helps people know if they’ll like you and your books. We'll talk about what kind of content you need and how to decide what channel to use to publish it.

Session 6: Putting it all together
In the sixth session we’ll put it all together. I’ll share examples of what the Connection System looks like when it’s up and rolling and what can it do for you.

Session 7: Q & A
In our final group session, we'll just have a wide open Q&A. We can talk about anything you want to talk about and we'll make sure that we cover as much ground as possible. This session usually goes a little longer than the allotted hour. I want to make sure everybody comes out of this really clearheaded about what they're doing. I'll leave you with next steps so now that the program's finished, you know what to do to keep going.

Private session: All about you
Once the program is over, you can set up a private, hour long coaching call with me. We can talk about your career specifically and we can fine tune anything that you developed in the coaching course.

Slack channel access
You'll have access to a Slack channel where you can post your homework so that you can get direct feedback from me, and also from the other people in the cohort. It's really valuable to have more sets of eyes on what you're doing and feedback and ideas and brainstorming, and it's really a magical thing when it happens in a group setting. And I'll be packing the Slack channel full of additional resources.

So that's an overview of the program. If you want to learn even more details and sign up, you can go here.

If you still have a question, just email and ask away!

If this sounds right for you, I hope to see you on October 12!


P.S. Here's what a few writers from a recent session had to say about their experience:

Sue Campbell’s seven-week book launch course provided me with a steady, guiding light through the surprising complicated process of launching a book. The weekly coaching calls, Sue’s encouraging attitude and her fast response whenever a question came up during the week, all contributed to an extremely valuable experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone who seriously wants to get their book or upcoming book into the world.”

Gyata Stormon, author of On the Ball: Doubles Tennis Tactics for Recreational Players

Sue’s group coaching was exactly what I needed. Each session covered enough information to get me excited about the process but not so much that I felt overwhelmed. The weekly homework assignments helped me identify my ideal reader and discover where to look for them.

"Sue was always available to answer questions and provide feedback on the homework. Getting feedback on my marketing copy helped me feel more confident about putting it out in the world.

"I recommend Sue and her coaching method to anyone wanting a practical plan to reach readers and market a book.”

Kristin Glasbergen, author of Dragon Canyon

Sue Campbell